International RSSU Chess Cup

Moscow Open 2020

Russian Chess Cup 2020 Stage

January 23 – February 3


Favourites of National Cup stages of Moscow Open lost first points at the start

January 28, 2020
Favourites of National Cup stages of Moscow Open lost first points at the start

The main tournaments of the RSSU Cup Moscow Open 2020 are picking up steam, and herewith the rating favourites of the National Cup stages are not at the leading edge.

Nine chess players are advancing without losses in Tournament A. They are Zhamsaran Tsydypov   (The Republic of Buriatia), Artur Gabrielian, Zaur Tekyeev and Egor Bykov (all from Stavropol region), Vasiliy Korchmar, Nikita Matinian (both from Saratov region), Sergei Lobanov (Saint Petersburg), Saveliy Golobov (Moscow)  and Daniil Lintchevski (Leningrad region).

Thirty six participants are behind the leaders by half a point, including two rating favourites  - Grandmaster Boris Grachev (Moscow) and José Eduardo Martinez (Peru) as well as two female representatives – Polina Shuvalova (Moscow) and Ekaterina Goltseva ( Nizhnii Novgorod region).

Anna Afanosieva (Obninsk), Margarita Schepetkova (Vladimir region), Iulija Osmak (Ukraine), Evgenija Ovod (Leningrad region), Elena Semenova (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) and Ekaterina Nasirova (The Republic of Tatarstan) are leading with a clean score in Tournament B.

Thirteen sportswomen scored 2,5 points each with the main favourite – the winner of the previous two years of the competition - Anastasia Bodnaruk (Saint Petersburg).

It should be mentioned that 330 chess players are competing for the prizes in the National Cup stages of Moscow Open: 214 in the tournament among men and 116 - among women.


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