International RSSU Chess Cup

Moscow Open 2020

Russian Chess Cup 2020 Stage

January 23 – February 3


Alexandr Triapishko: at first coaches were examining me

January 27, 2020
Alexandr Triapishko: at first coaches were examining me

One third of the distance of the National Student Chess League Championship is covered. The rating favourite of the tournament International Master from Crimea Aleksandr Triapishko is one of the leaders with 2,5 points. Straight after one of the games we decided to ask this chess players several questions.

- Hello, Sasha! You have been participating in the tournaments of our festival for many years, tell us about your main success.
- I have been taking part in the festival Moscow Open since 2013 and all this time I participated only in Tournament A (currently Russian National Cup stage among men – editor’s note). This year I decided to combine participation in two tournaments – student and the main one. I love Moscow Open because I have always been raising my rating (laughing). Twice I was close to reach an International Master norm but unfortunately there was a lack of titled opponents.

- To play simultaneously in two tournaments is always not easy, how was the beginning of the tournament for you?
- In the student tournament I scored 2,5 points and today I have had quite a quick draw playing white against Tomofey Smirnov. In the main tournament I faced difficulties from the first round: obtained quite a comfortable position and then trying to finish it off I started making mistakes, it seemed that I could lose…But the opponent made several mistakes and I was able to win.

- What university are you representing in the student tournament?
- I represent Rostov State University of Economics (Rostov-on-Don). Unfortunately we do not have female participants, that is why I play only in the individual event. It is nice that the university is supporting me.  

- Tell us a bit about the beginning of your chess journey.
- When I was five, my mum took me to the city chess club, having said that there was no goal to play chess specifically – we were just passing by (laughing), decided to pop in. I remember that the coaches did not accept me straight away, they were examining me. In our family it is my grandfather that plays chess, together with my grandmother they always follow my tournaments.

- Tell us about your most memorable successful events?
- In 2016 I took the second prize in the world championship among boys under 16 and in 2017 – being older I entered the share of the 1-2 prizes but the tie-breaks were not in my favour. I won Russian National Children Championships twice in different ages. 

- What do you do in your free time?
- Sports. I love crossbar and I play different sports: tennis (big and table one), volleyball, football, basketball, I do snowboarding.

- What are your nearest plans?
- In March I am participating in the championship of the Southern Federal District to qualify for the Major League of the National Championship, and in April - in the National championship among juniors. 

- Do you consider yourself chess professional?
- Yes, of course. I dedicate quite a bit of time to chess and I do not want to rest on my laurels.

- Thank you very much for our conversation!


Questions were asked by Eldar Mukhametov and Alina Bivol