International RSSU Chess Cup

Moscow Open 2020

Russian Chess Cup 2020 Stage

January 23 – February 3


Danila Pavlov – winner of Chess Solving Cup

February 2, 2020
Danila Pavlov – winner of Chess Solving Cup

Two chess solving tournaments took place on February 1-2 as a part of the Moscow Open 2020 festival – they are World Cup 2019/2020 stage (Pochinok’s memorial) and youth tournament.

32 solvers from Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, and the Republic of Belorussia took part in the main competition.

With maximum number of points - 90 out of 90 possible – the tournament was confidently won by the youngest Grandmaster for chess composition – 17-year old Danila Pavlov (Moscow).

The runner-up with the score of 83,5 points is Alexey Popov (Saint Petersburg), the third prize was obtained by a 14-year old Ural Khasanov (Republic of Bashkortostan) – 82,5.

The fourth prize winner is Mikhail Ganzhin (Moscow) – 80,5. And the fifth place was given to Danila Moiseev (Tula) with the score of 78 points.

The best result among women was demonstrated by Alexandra Safronova (Tula), among the veterans the first prize winner was Anatoly Mukoseev (Tver).

The youth tournament saw the battle of 47 young solvers. They were offered to solve 9 problems (3 two-move solutions, 2 three-move solutions, one multiple-move solution, one studies, one problem for a 2-move helpmate and one problem for a 2-move selfmate).

The winner of the competition is a 10-year old Nikita Ushakov (Moscow) – 36 points out of 45 possible.

The runner-up is a European champion 2019 for under 10 Isaak Parpiev (Moscow) -32,5. The third result was shown by Egor Sokolov (Moscow) – 30 points.

As for the girls, the prize winners obtained 15 points and only the calculation of the time spent on the solution helped to put them in places. 

The first prize winner is Ksenia Bodnaruk (Saint Petersburg), a runner-up - Marina Putinzeva (Moscow), the third - a 10-year old European Champion (2019) under 10 – Anastasia Chekina (Saratov region).

The prize fund of the competition comprised 150 000 Rubles.


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